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Welcome To Biowings Organic

‘Biowings organic’ production is a holistic system of agricultural management and food production aimed at organic farming, using high quality products and processes that are beneficial to the health and well-being of humans, air, environment, etc.
As we know that our country is an agriculture based country, the main basis of the rural economy in India is agriculture and the main source of income of the farmers is agriculture. In view of the increasing population since the time of the Green Revolution,

There has been a need to increase production in terms of income, as a result of which chemical fertilizers and pesticidesare being used indiscriminately in agriculture in order to increase more production, as a result of which the upper surface of the earth is getting deteriorating day per day, due to which the farmer is incurring a lot of cost in less land holding. Water, land, air and environment are also getting polluted, as well as food items are also getting poisonous. Its adverse effect is not only on the soil, but it also affects the health of human beings. As a result of which today's generation is suffering from serious diseases like cancer, heart disease, lack of immunity, problem of malnutrition, gastric, arthritis, weakening of bone, at a very young age.

Organic farming is the only option to deal with all these problems, it gives more production than chemical farming, i.e. organic farming is completely helpful in increasing the fertility of the soil and the productivity of the farmers. By doing organic farming, the cost of production is reduced, besides this, farmers get more income and organic products meet more in the competition of international market. In modern times, the path of organic farming is very beneficial for the ever-increasing population, environmental pollution, conservation of soil fertility and human health.

Our Mission

  • Providing high quality organic products to the farmers.
  • To produce crop with a high nutritional value.
  • To maintain and improve long term fertility and sustainability of farm land.
  • To helps to maintain environment health by reducing the level of pollution.
  • To reduces human and animal health hazards by reducing the level of residues in the product.
  • To helps in keeping agricultural production at a sustainable level.
  • To reduces the cost of agricultural production and also improves the soil health.
  • To ensures optimum utilization of natural resources for short-term benefit and helps in conserving them for future generation.
  • To not only saves energy for both animal and machine, but also reduces risk of crop failure.
  • To nutrients, reduces nutrient loss into water bodies and environment and promotes favourable chemical reactions.
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